Find our expertise in plastic extrusion and polyurethane foam injection solutions

Find our various additional services below. From development to packaging and manufacturing, TAG Plasturgie supports you throughout your project.

Plastic extrusion

Plastic extrusion

Studied to guarantee diameter consistency and laser-controlled micron precision on all extrusion lines, TAG’s know-how is essential in technical monofilament extrusion.

Plastic injection

Plastic injection

TAG has an injection park equipped with 12 injection presses from 90 to 550 tonnes. Mainly a packaging producer, the company manufactures 3,000,000 pieces per year.

Polyurethane injection

Polyurethane injection

Equipped with polyurethane casting machines, the company specializes in the manufacture of equestrian upholstery and automotive parts in polyurethane foam.

Development research

Development research

TAG also has production lines equipped with state-of-the-art peripherals as well as a twin-screw granulation line allowing the production of increasingly technical raw materials, dyes and additives.

TAG Plasturgie’s references

TAG Plasturgie is committed to supplying innovative, competitive and quality parts and filaments. The technological advance resulting from 40 years of research and development puts TAG at the forefront of technology.

“ A flexible and responsive team ”

We assure our customers of an outstanding quality at competitive prices. Our expertise and know-how will guide you to make the best choice of raw materials and the most efficient technology for the manufacture of your parts.


In charge of a workshop of 200 employees in Morocco, we manufacture high-end saddlery for the whole world.

I think I have been one of TAG Plasturgie’s first clients for 10 years already!
It is a pleasure to work with these two leaders (Sébastien and Benjamin).

Serious, hardworking, constantly looking to improve their quality and their process, that’s what defines them!

Marc Grapin, LIM GROUP

Nicolas Gidon, operational director of a production unit with 60 employees.

The company specializing in packaging, produces nearly 4,000,000 products annually, the vast majority of which come from TAG Plasturgie.

A transparent, fruitful and quality collaboration characterizes our partnership.

Nicolas Gidon, SPEED GROUP