Plastic injection, injection molding

TAG Plasturgie’s injection activity makes it possible to meet the most demanding customer requirements in terms of quality, responsiveness and productivity. The company has a park of more than 12 injection presses from 90 to 550 tonnes and equipped with various peripherals, colorant feeders, robot, weight dispenser, dryer… Always attentive to the market, TAG Plasturgie is positioning itself in a constant process of investment through the acquisition of injection molding machines. These meet greater productivity needs in molding, overmolding or manufacturing thermoplastic parts with assembly operations.

The group’s diversity also makes it possible to respond to all types of requests, small or large series, while respecting the requirements and standards of the thermoplastic injection market. TAG offers comprehensive support ranging from:

TAG Plasturgie is the ideal partner for all your thermoplastic injection needs. Single-material or dual-material injection will allow you to produce any type of part from one or more materials that can be filled with fibers, additives and dyes. TAG Plasturgie produces complex parts with different colors, hardness’s and textures. Parts ranging from 2 grams to 2 kilograms. The technology is suitable for all types of production. TAG Plasturgie guarantees delivery within four working days to all of its European customers.


We offer plastic reels for private or professional use

Bi-material packaging

We offer a very wide range of colors and models of bi-material donuts or clam shells.


Our premium caps meet high-end packaging requirements for the bottling industry.

Champagne flutes

We offer various shapes of plastic champagne flutes

“ A flexible and responsive team in plastic injection ”

We assure our customers of an outstanding quality at competitive prices. Our expertise and know-how will guide you through all your manufacturing stages of plastic products

Testimony upon our plastic injection services

In charge of a workshop of 200 employees in Morocco, we manufacture high-end saddlery for the whole world.

I think I have been one of TAG Plasturgie’s first clients for 10 years already!
It is a pleasure to work with these two leaders (Sébastien and Benjamin).

Serious, hardworking, constantly looking to improve their quality and their process, that’s what defines them!

Marc Grapin, LIM GROUP

Nicolas Gidon, operational director of a production unit with 60 employees.

The company specializing in packaging, produces nearly 4,000,000 products annually, the vast majority of which come from TAG Plasturgie.

A transparent, fruitful and quality collaboration characterizes our partnership.

Nicolas Gidon, SPEED GROUP