Expert in protective netting from Morocco

Mesh extrusion: protective netting

A production line is dedicated to mesh extrusion for protective sheath.

Adapted to various sectors such as the machining of mechanical parts, the automotive industry, the glass industry, the viticulture industry, agriculture, oyster farming and also floriculture …, these protective sheaths guarantee very good functionality, resistant to acids and solvents, flexible and stretchable. They are easy to handle and perfectly fit all the most irregular shapes of products that you want to protect or condition.

The protective sheaths offered by TAG Plasturgie are available in several sizes, meshes, materials. As well as in a wide range of colors, with the following technical specifications:

NB: Our materials are tested in an accelerated aging laboratory.

It is possible to create protective sheaths according to your needs, sector of activity and or a precise technical specification. TAG Plasturgie will offer you various solutions and recommendations including traditional or technical materials and having the best quality / price ratio according to your request.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to receive free samples.

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“ A flexible and responsive team ”

We assure our customers of an outstanding quality at competitive prices. Our expertise and know-how will guide you to make the best choice of raw materials and the most efficient technology for the manufacture of your parts.


In charge of a workshop of 200 employees in Morocco, we manufacture high-end saddlery for the whole world.

I think I have been one of TAG Plasturgie’s first clients for 10 years already!
It is a pleasure to work with these two leaders (Sébastien and Benjamin).

Serious, hardworking, constantly looking to improve their quality and their process, that’s what defines them!

Marc Grapin, LIM GROUP

Nicolas Gidon, operational director of a production unit with 60 employees.

The company specializing in packaging, produces nearly 4,000,000 products annually, the vast majority of which come from TAG Plasturgie.

A transparent, fruitful and quality collaboration characterizes our partnership.

Nicolas Gidon, SPEED GROUP